PrintShift 3.0 Build Series: Step 6

This step is about adding plugins to Octoprint in order to enable cloud printing. It will be continually updated

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PrintShift Step 5: Unleash Octoprint!

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PrintShift Step 6: Too Much Automation

Materials Needed

  1. Prusa Mini, assembled, printing, with the conveyor belt bed, ejector motor, controls, and the Raspberry Pi attached and loaded up with Octoprint. Yeah.
  2. Electrons

Tools Needed

  • A computer to pester your Octoprint install with

Cloud Options

  1. Autodrop 3d
  2. Spaghetti Detective
  3. Raise3d Cloud
  4. add more :-)

Cloud Services

One way to get more out of your part-ejecting 3D Printer is to put it on the CLOUD. The benefit of a cloud service is that it puts your 3D Printer online, so that you can monitor it remotely and even start prints. There are, of course, other ways to do this like tunneling through your router, but the cloud takes care of security and configuration headaches.


With this step, you’ve got a fully functional part-ejecting 3D Printer that can be controlled from anywhere in the world - and by anyone if you’re not careful! Happy printing, as always.