PrintShift 3.0 Build Series: Step 3

This page details how to install the motor which drives PrintShift conveyor belt that we built in step 2. This is just the mechanical build - the electrical wiring and control are in step 4. At the end of this step, the motor will be mounted and linked to the conveyor belt.

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PrintShift Belted Bed Build

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Power the PrintShift Belt

Materials Needed

  1. Prusa Mini, assembled, printing, with the conveyor belt bed attached.
  2. Parts Printed in Step 1, from the Small Parts stl
  3. Parts from the Parts Kit
    • 1 - 8mm shaft collar
    • 1 - 8mm shaft, 210mm long

Tools Needed

  1. 2.5mm allen key - for the headbed cable cover replacement
  2. 2mm allen key - for our new bed screws
  3. needlenose pliers


Video Walkthrough