Making a Continuous Belt.

This page details how to build a continuous loop conveyor belt from a flat sheet of material. It will enable you to test out any material on your PrintShift or other belt-based printer, and is widely applicable for joining strips of material.

Materials Needed

  1. Belt Joining Tape. What sort of tape!? Three things to consider are:
    • Tape Material
    • Tape Thickness
    • Tape Adhesive
  2. Belt. Again, what sort?
    • You need a strip ~20mm longer than your final loop size, cut to the correct width.
  3. Painter’s Tape
    • This is used to hold the belt in place while assembling, and discarded afterwards. 1” wide is fine; pictured below use 2” wide.

Tools Needed

  1. Block of wood to cut on.
    • If your printer can’t slide a continuous belt on, a thin piece of HDPE or similar (cutting mat) is recommended to protect your bed.
  2. Sharp knife capable of cutting your belt.
  3. Light. Do not attempt in darkness.


  1. Place belt outside-down on your work surface.
  2. Place block of wood on top.
  3. Form the belt into an overlapping loop - lining up the straightest edge with itself.
  4. Tape the belt into a loop
  5. Thoroughly tape the belt to the wood cutting block on either side of the joining tape line.
  6. Cut through BOTH layers of the belt.
    • cutting at a slight angle will help maintain belt tension over the seam.
  7. Remove the ends of the belt carefully - the goal is not to disturb the joint.
  8. Join the belt ends with your Belt Joining Tape.
  9. Woo it’s a belt! Carefully remove the blue tape and install it on your printer.

Video Walkthrough